Ticket Purchase & Refund Policy

*Canceled or Rescheduled Events- In either case, we'll alert you ASAP.

Refunds and Exchanges Unless, we cancel or postponed events all tickets bought after purchase cannot be refunded until 90 days after the event is over. Requesting for refunds should be applied one week before the event. Unused tickets after the event without request application a week earlier before the event cannot be refunded.

Cancelled Events

You'll get an automatic refund for tickets bought  at full price using your purchase payment method (bank transfer,  or through our ticket selling agent like E-plus, Lawson, Ticket Pia or staff  within 30 days . For the inconvenience caused you, we will give you free discount coupons for our next events.

Rescheduled or Postponed Events

We'll contact you with the new date and time. If you can't make the new date you can get a refund upon request within 90 days.

Lost/ Replacement Tickets

If the tickets you bought through SFL Entertainment are lost, damaged, or destroyed, please contact us. Our staff is happy to help you get a new ticket.